Learning the spirit of Xi——Revisit President Xi’s Guangdong Inspection Road

To further study and implement the spirit of President Xi's important speech in Guangdong inspection,He Xiangning Art Museum Party Branch and Labor Union organized a serious activities which includes a group trip to revisit the President Xi’s Guangdong Inspection Road.

   In Mar 15th,all the museum staff visited the exhibition The tide flood of Zhujiang River——the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up of Guangdong. The exhibition demonstrates the effulgence of Guangdong development in the past forty years since reform and opening -up as well as the crucial achievements in this period.



3.15大潮起珠江 (2)

In Mat 18th,following the path of President Xi,the museum staff has been to the History Museum of Jinan University in where we have gained insight into the history of the university,Historical origin of the relationship between Liaos and Jinan University. By visiting the Worldwide Chinese Overseas Literature Museum, we understood the latest progress of the  ancient Chinese Overseas’ documents research.





In Mar 19th , arrived in lianzhang central village of Yingde jiangkou town, we conveyed our  greetings and appreciation to the veteran Mr.Lu Shnghuo, who has been visited by President Xi last year.

3.19英德慰问 1




After revisiting President Xi’s Guangdong Inspection Road, all museum staff comprehended about the meaning of President Xi’s spirit more complete and implement the spirit more practical into our daily work.