Museum Visit

Opening Hours

9:30-17:00, Tuesday to Sunday (no admission after 16:30)

Closed on Monday (excluding holidays and exceptions will be published on this website)

  1. Please do not bring pet, beverage, food, metal object, paint, umbrella, inflammables and combustibles into the museum. Oversized bags and luggage should be stored at the reception and small items, in free lockers. Please properly keep your cash and other valuable belongings. Smoking is not allowed in the art museum, and eating or drinking is prohibited in the exhibition area.
  2. Please stay quiet during your visit and keep from making noise, littering or spitting.
  3. Please do not touch the exhibits and take good care of all facilities on the premises. Ad valorem restitution for all damages is mandatory.
  4. The museum, a venue of high art, is entitled to deny access to anyone improperly dressed.
  5. For better management and safety, and to warrant a rewarding and orderly museum visit, the museum puts a cap on visitor traffic in different periods of peak visiting hours, of which we request your understanding. The elderly at or above the age of 60, the disabled, and military personnel in active service (including armed police) are granted preferred access by presenting their ID Card, Certificate of Disability, Military Service Credential and Household Register and other valid certificates.
  6. Please call 26604540 for advanced booking of group visit (of 20 or more people).
  7. Staff support is available for disabled visitors in need.
How to Get There

Address: No.9013, Shennan Boulevard, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Bus routes: No.26/101/105/204/209/222/223/301/311/370 at the stop of He Xiangning Art Museum

Metro: Exit C, Overseas Chinese Town Station

Telephone: +86 755 26604540 26918118

Fax: +86 755 26605299